Our Story

‘PCOS Club India’ is Instagram based community started by Nidhi Singh to create awareness about this widely spread but less talked about disorder in women. Dealing with her own PCOS for many years she realised India lacks a community where women could find the trusted resources to reverse their PCOS, share their struggles & motivate one another to overcome this disorder.

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is almost an epidemic not only in India but Globally! Infertility, depression, body image concerns, cystic acne, weight gain, scalp hair loss are amongst the most common PCOS symptoms.

Lack of awareness about PCOS due to stigma attached to Mensuration in general & limited awareness about women health disorders in India, together make the PCOS diagnosis in young women even more delayed. Majority of women come to know about this disorder when they meet their gynaecologist to understand why they aren’t able to conceive.

Unfortunately, Oral contraceptives & hormones have been the most popular line of PCOS treatment by the doctors & women have been taking these hormonal medication for years without realising the massive list side effects they come with.

PCOS is a metabolic disorder which can be reversed Naturally by adopting the right Lifestyle changes through a holistic approach.

PCOS Club India, aims to empower women & bring all the resources- research backed PCOS educative content, Trusted hormone friendly products, and & PCOS health experts that could together enable women to Reverse their PCOS naturally without depending on just a hormonal pill.

Through this platform channel, she regularly interacts with experts from the various domains in the health sector and endeavours to create even more awareness about natural treatment of PCOS. She also offers personalised PCOS healing programs & workshops through her platform. She has personally interacted with over 100 women so far and majority of these women have been able see a significant change in their PCOS symptoms.

Nidhi’s mission is to launch a platform where women could be part of a community, interact with fellow PCOS cysters and they can find everything they need to heal their hormones naturally.