Moong Dal Chilla/Dosa

recipe photo

This is one is kinda staple Gluten free breakfast in our house. Everyone loves the taste plus so easy to pull of. Can be a great alternative for your roti sometimes if you looking for a high protein diet depending upon your daily protein requirement.
Green moong is a great source of protein, vitamin B, folate, magnesium & quite low on glycemic index (GI) and great fiber content! You can serve it with homemade coconut chutneys, tahini, or a simple fresh mint or coriander chutney. I also love guacamole with it, tastes super delicious you have to try it!
-1 cup green sabut Moong Dal (soaked for at least 3 hours, soaked overnight works best).
-1/2 cup water for grinding
-1 teaspoon fresh Ginger chopped
-1 teaspoon fresh Coriander leaves chopped
-Himalayan pink Salt to taste.

For the filling
-2-3 tablespoon Onion chopped
-1 teaspoon Green Chili chopped
-1/2 cup chopped red and yellow bell peppers
-Coconut oil for cooking
-Sunflower seeds or any seeds of your choice
-Take soaked dal , wash again & drain. Add the chopped ginger, salt green chillies and blend in a mixer using little water to make a thick paste.
-Take a bowl and add onion,bell peppers coriander leaves, sunflower seeds for filling.
-The batter your created , Mix well and add water to make a thin batter and check for the desired consistency.
-Heat a pan on medium-high heat. Add a little coconut oil to coat the pan,When the pan is hot, scoop ½ cup mixture for each chilla and flatten out until 1cm thick. 
-Add one spoon of the filling you created in the bowl and cover the lid.
-Cook at low – medium flame for a few minutes until bottom is golden brown.
Usually, the cooking time for each chilla is about 4-5 minutes.
-Repeat the same process with remaining mixture.
-Serve hot with your favourite homemade dip or chutneys.

Pro tip:
-Soak the moong dal for minimum 2-3 hrs. Do not add too much water while grinding soaked moong dal for making cheela batter.
-Spread the batter thinly and evenly to make crisper cheela
-Keeping the heat at medium and covering them with lid ensures proper cooking. This way the chilla will cook from within and there will be no raw taste of moong dal.