This recipe will make 4 to 5 small patties.

~Ingredients for patties~.

?2 small cup boiled (red beans) rajma.

?2 small boiled sweet potato or shakargandhi.

?1/2 cup chopped green onions.

?2 green chillies.

?1/4 spoon Fresh cracked black pepper.

?1/2 cup chopped Fresh coriander.

?Himalayan pink salt per taste.

?2 spoon tapioca starch or arrowroot powder for binding.

~Ingredients for salad~.

?4 to 5 cherry tomatoes sliced in to half.

?1 cup fresh seasonal salad leaves . I have taken arugula or rocket leaves.

?1/2 cup finely sliced purple cabbage.

? 1/2 cup chopped cucumber.

? 1 spoon extra virgin olive oil.

? 2 spoon chopped almonds or walnuts

? 1 spoon pumpkin seeds.

~Ingredients for guacamole~.

?1 ripe medium Indian avocado.

?1/2 cup fresh coriander.

?juice of one small lemon.

?1/4 spoon Himalayan pink salt.

? 1/5 spoon fresh crack pepper.

? 2 finely chopped green chillies.

? 1/3. Up chopped parsley.


?For patties, in a mixing bowl mash the boiled rajma and to that add all the other ingredients.

?Once the mixture is prepared, make small patties. If you make these thinner they work great as nachos too!

?In a heated pan, drizzle some canola oil. Cook the patties until crisp!.

?Till the patties are slowly getting cooked For salad, in a bowl add all the ingredients and toss it and refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes.

? For Guacamole, in a mortar and pestle add the scooped out avocado, leaving out the big seed. Add rest of the ingredients for guac and mash it up ! Your guac is ready?.

?Time to plate it ! Add the salad in middle of the plate and top it up with the fresh creamy guac. And place the crispy patties around the salad!

?This plate of food works well for weekend lunches or special snacks as it might take longer to prepare for! But this dish turns out so yummy and light on stomach.

? Since it has rajma , would highly recommend to have it in lunches or early evening rather than dinners , and in your portions add generous amount of salad along with these patties to avoid digestion issues.

Hope you Enjoy this meal with your friends and family. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!