My journey towards a Healthier Me

Yep thats me!  For me managing pcos naturally was a long road of struggle. Like many of you, I experienced pcos symptoms such as delayed mensuration, fatigue , unexplained weight gain just after I finished college in 2009. But I never paid heed to these symptoms, never did I know the term PCOS. My major symptom constantly remained acne & hairfall and my dermat would give me some medications which would help these symptoms subside. Till now Im not sure if those medications he prescribed to me were hormones or not! I didn’t ask my dermat the questions I should have and just kept popping the medications in a hope for some magic to happen!!

In 2013 my symptoms were back with a bang! Delayed mensuration, hair fall, acne &  mood swings! I had been a heavy meat eater all my life, Occasions weren’t celebrated without Delhi’s famous butter chicken & travel eating included experiencing all kinds of meat. Who was I then, Literally HAHAHHAA. I just focused on being active and managed to get my periods once in two months until my periods became absent. I was prescribed oral contraceptives by my gynae and Due to its side effects, I couldn’t continue the pill for a long time. My struggle to correct my mensuration still continued! IT just got WORSE when you had absolutely no one who could understand my symptoms including my loved ones.

I hit a point when my period completely went absent, I was at my unhealthiest state. I had poor lipids, vitamin deficiencies, very high visceral fat & triglycerides, perpetual feeling of bloating , gut issues & frequent allergies. Every health practitioner I went to , told me to change my lifestyle and honestly I didn’t know what that meant apart from changing my diet.

That’s when I took Health in my hands,  and started my own research on what means to change a hormone friendly lifestyle. I started my journey with identifying my stress factors- for me it was predominantly my super hectic work schedule and absolutely no time for workout with really bad eating habits!
With a step by step approach I started switching to a plant based diet and managed my stress levels through daily Yoga! I worked on my sleeping routine to align it with my circadian rythm and took help of natural supplements for sometime under the guidance of my Gynae!
Slowly my body started to heal.  I realised my body never liked that animal meat and was responding very well to the plant based diet. I felt more energetic, lost weight yes, but most importantly I felt healthier stronger and happier. All my symptoms started to disappear once I included an overall lifestyle change rather than addressing one pcos symptom. I truly believe that our body is magical and it heals once you start listening to it! Its been couple of years- I havent had Acne, my periods are regular , I feel healthier, and I know what works for my body !

Important to note is that although we women might have similar symptoms but each of us are different, a diet and exercise that has worked for you may not work for anyone else. Hence, it is important to observe while you make changes to your lifestyle on how your body responds. I truly believe that our body is our own doctor, do not ignore the early signals it gives you such as gut disorders, delayed mensuration acne etc. Start listening to it and give what it needs. There is so much information these days on social media – please educate yourself ONLY through RIGHT mediums on how to include a lifestyle change and work with an experienced health professional ( Exercise trainer, Nutritionist, Therapist or a combination as your condition requires) for sometime until you have fixed your root cause! If you continue to ignore your symptoms and wait until the time your body cannot take it anymore, you will have to go to a doctor and you might require those hormonal medications because then your gynae will also not have a choice!

A thought that I would leave you with – try understanding what makes you happy! Probably losing all that weight still might not fix your period. Since PCOS is largely stress induced try introspecting where is that stress coming from and how can you eliminate it- it could be stress from your late night working, unbalanced diet, unhealthy personal relationships or body image issues. Work towards those elements that induce stress in your life and its okay to take Professional help!!

Hope my journey could motivate you and you could relate with me at some bits. Learning from my own experiences and from my current nutrition course that I’m pursuing, I find it gratifying to help women reverse their PCOS naturally through Lifestyle changes. I hope to educate and create even more awareness about natural healing of this disorder! I would love to hear about your PCOS journey and would love to share it with our community so please please write in comments below and inspire other Cysters!

Happy Healing!
Nidhi Singh