Nut Butter

Super easy and quick Nut butter recipe !
I used almonds and hazelnuts here. You can use any nuts of your choice! 
Nut butters are a great replacement of the normal butter!
Plus great source of protein & good fat! 
* must always be consumed in moderation **
1 Cup each of Almond and Hazelnut.
If you want to skip Hazelnuts, then take 2 cups of almonds.
Roast them in oven for 5-7 mins at 150c,
You can even Pan Roast them if you like.
Add them to high speed blender,
Sprinkle some pink salt or sea salt,
Chopped vanila bean and 4 pitted dates
Start blending for couple of minutes and scrape the sides
Blending will gradually make texture smoother.
If your blender gets heated up, do give it some rest in between
The Ultra Creamy Nut Butter is Ready !!!