How to make Green Smoothie


If you have been following me on instagram for a while, you would know my love for smoothies. Through my experience I have learnt that smoothies make a great breakfast and is a great way to have you daily dose of greens, good fats and your vitamins in the most natural way. Its also a quick breakfast to make for daily hustlers. All you need is a blender and some ready ingredients.

Hostellers can use a hand blender to make this in their hostel rooms and ditch an unhealthy breakfast if staying away from family.

We PCOS girls usually complain about fatigue, bloating, mood swings; and the trick to beat that is having nourishing meals. In fact, making food your medicine is the first step to start healing your PCOS. I like to mix match my ingredients every few days, but the below recipe is my usual favourite one.

The trick is to use 5 elements i.e. 1 cup local seasonal leafy green + 1 PCOS friendly fruit + good fats + at least one hormone healing herbs + dairy free milk. Due to the flu season, I amped it up with some immunity booster ingredient as well

The below recipe makes one glass of smoothie


1 cup washed spinach

1/2 banana [make sure it’s not very ripe]

6-7 soaked almonds

1 teaspoon maca root powder

1 teaspoon ashwagandha powder

1 cup home-made almond milk.

1 spoon each of seeds as per seed cycling process.

¼ cup amla juice


Blend all the ingredients and top it up with pistachios, sunflower seeds or chia seeds. I didn’t include any natural sweetener, but if you like you can add 2 soaked dates.

If you’d like to experiment with the ingredients, you could use the below alternatives:

Fruits: Kiwi, strawberries, frozen blueberries, figs, apple. Oranges

Veggies: Cucumber, beet

Leafy greens – kale, moringa leaves

Fats: unsweetened nut butters, avocado, pistachios, seeds

Herbs: moringa powder, spirulina powder, mint, coriander, basil

If you are a smoothie lover , share your favourite ingredients by commenting on the post below. Hope you enjoy the recipe. xx